Who Are we Looking for

Nice Records is actively accepting submissions to join our label roster. 

Below is what we are looking for:

  • Artists/Bands who identify their music within the realm of Americana, Roots Rock and/or Alternative Country
  • Artists/Bands who are actively performing and reside in the Minnesota area
  • Artists/Bands who have material ready to be recorded in a professional studio  environment
  • Artists/Bands who believe in giving back and the power of music to help those around them


What Is In The Contract?

Want to read all of the legal jargon?  Click the link below to download our Artist Recording Contract.  Our goal is to be extremely artist friendly and to be able to continue to support independent artists.  Want the general run down? Here it is...

Agreement In Summary: 


  • All costs associated with the recording, production, mixing, mastering, editing, digital distribution and physical print distribution of 100 copies will be covered by Nice Records. 
  • Length of Agreement - 12 Months
  • In return for the promotion, recording and distribution of your album, Artist will agree to perform 4 charity shows per the 12 month agreement and wave all royalty/payment rights to the digitally distributed music up the amount of the initial investment on our end which revenues will be used by Nice Music to support additional charity/philanthropic programs. 
  • Artists will retain all revenue generated from the gifted 100 copies of the album and may request additional copies to sell for own profit but only if Artist can pay the re-printing cost and Artist will retain all digital revenue post investment recuperation. 


Recording Contract

Artist Submission