Who We Are

Nice Records is a collaborative non profit record label created under the umbrella of NICE MUSIC and formed in partnership with:

Jesse Hauf - Nice Music & 10k Brewing

Noah Alexander - Nice Records & The Plott Hounds

Zach Hollander - The Pearl Recording Studio.


We support independent artists in the Americana, Roots & Alt Country scene by signing them to a record contract providing them the means necessary to record their material in a high quality professional studio while also facilitating digital and print distribution, design and promotion.


We raise money, we seek out talented musicians who need assistance creating and recording a professional record and we sign them to a 1 year recording contract.  We cover all costs of recording, production, mixing, mastering and distribution. In return we ask the artist to commit to 4 fundraising/non-profit performances a year.  It is that simple.  We believe this world is filled with amazing musicians who are also amazing people who just need a helping hand to get their music heard.

the process

After submitting your music and bio thru our A&R section we will reach out to connect if the music seems to be a good fit for our label.  We will come out to a few shows, buy you a couple of beers, get to know you and your band..your goals..your plans..your ambitions.  After that we will review our recording contract with you.  The general run down of it is quite simple..we cover all the costs to cut your record and then hand over 100 printed copies.  We release the record digitally thru our distribution network (Itunes, Spotify, Google, Etc).  You keep the revenue from the print copies that you sell, we take the digital revenue and feed it back into Nice Music so that we can continue to grow our non profit and build out programs to support k-12 music education and Nice Music Records.  Once digital revenue reaches the net even point of our initial investment in your album,  the digital revenue will then be handed over to you in perpetuity.  The only other catch is that we ask you to commit to 4 non-profit performances a year... IE - performances where we will be raising money for either Nice Music or another worthy charity.  It is the whole give back when given to mantra and we hope that will vibe with you.  It will be your music..forever and always...our contract and our foundation is here to help..not hinder.

Once the record contract is signed we will work with you and The Pearl Recording studio to schedule a studio visit and meet and greet with producer Zach Hollander who's background includes  work at famed Pachyderm studios and cutting records with bands such as The Honeydogs, Jeremy Messersmith, The Plott Hounds, The Catus Blossoms, Dan Rodriguez, Davina & The Vagabonds, Gae Lynn and many many more.

From there we work to schedule and book studio time for you and your band to head to The Pearl to cut your record.  We will help facilitate the entire process and Zach will work with you to create an amazing collection of tunes to be released on a global level.

From there we will promote you..all of your shows...schedule Artist Roster showcases and do just about anything else we can to help you and your career.  Any more questions?  Shoot us a message and we will get right back to you.