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Kevin James & The Weary

Shot into this world, like an arrow from a bow, Kevin James is an Americana Rocker to the core.  Finding influences ranging from Dylan, The Band and the dirtier, bluesier side of the country music realm. 

He has cut his teeth playing bars and clubs all across the US of A. Riding along with his first release that was cut live over a few shows performed with his side man and fiddle player Tony Comeau.

A passionate and well versed song writer. We are excited to have Kevin on the roster and look forward to helping him make his stories come alive in the studio.



Jam rock with soul, Hippie Music for hillbillies, Rock & Roll for country fans...these guys do it all. Navigating musical styles that spread from Hank Williams to the Allman Brothers & Grateful Dead to the rich deep sounds reminiscent of Motown Soul.

Bitter Roots has created a multi-genre sound and made it all their own. Intricate guitar melodies and harmonies, ferocious rythm driven to the front with funky bass lines and back beats slammed down on the skins along with honky tonk keys and some hammond B3 for good measure, this group has taken flavors from their own respective styles and put it in one kick ass melting pot.

Fronted by Louisville, KY native - Jamey Whatton and rounded out with Brian Dent, Stephen Donaho, Joey Ratliff & Christian Olan, Bitter Roots is a band that aims to take you on a journey with their songs.