Introducing...Nice Music Records

Exciting times ahead, thank you for coming over to our humble website to check out our humble beginnings and learn about our humble mission.   Take a few moments to explore the website and read about our organization.  Leave comments or questions below and we will get back to you.  This entire foundation was created to help musicians elevate their is not about money for us and it never will be...our status as a Non Profit takes care of all of that.  Nice Music was created to raise funds to support k-12 music education programs.  Nice Music Records was created to help musicians take the next step in their professional careers by raising funds and sponsoring the recording and production of records.

We all know that in today's day and age record sales are at an all time low...revenue from digital streams and sales are percents of pennies on the dollar...It is hard for an Artist to justify..or even develop the means necessary to head into a professional studio and cut a professional quality record as the return on that investment is so small.  That is where we come help fill that gap..because regardless of revenue generated from any sales, artists need recorded is a living breathing resume...its a time capsule...its documentation...its something your grandkids can listen to one day...its a way to capture and engage and tell your stories and reach millions of people all across the globe...and priceless. 

That is why we are help you get your music out to the world and to offer guidance and mentorship in the production of your record. With the launch of the website we are now officially accepting submissions in our A&R dept.. Dept sounds big and a bunch of dudes on the top floor of Capital Records smoking stogies while 30 interns comb over demo tapes trying to find the next hit to make a million bucks off.  That ain't us.  We promise to listen to everything you send over to us, if we like it..we promise to come out to one or more of your shows, buy you a beer (or soda)..probably a pizza and then we plan to talk about your goals and what you are hoping to do with your music and discuss if their is a mutual fit for partnership.  We are not going to riddle you with pre-production overhead..make you sign a contract where you will ever owe us a dollar...we are here to help and in return we ask that you give back a little bit so that Nice Music and Nice Music Records can continue to grow and support more and more artists.  In the upcoming days we will toss out some additional blog posts to give you more info and to answer any questions you as artists might have.  We are starting to build something here..come be a part of it! - Noah



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